A Tribute to the Fallen

imageIsn’t this incredibly beautiful and a fantastic memorial to the soldiers who died in the First World War? This pic was taken by my sister, who was lucky enough to see it at the Tower of London and has even put her name down to do a shift of ceramic poppy planting.

I have urged my latest student to go and see this amazing sculpture when he visits the capital. I intend to see it myself when I go to London to visit DD2 at university. I’m not sure I can afford to go into the Tower at £23 a person, but hopefully it will be visible from the outside.

Anyone else going?

My new student is lovely and eats almost anything. Sadly though he doesn’t appear to be a fan of courgettes! A shame when we have so many. Still the rest of us are still eating them! I like them simply fried in butter with a few mushrooms.